Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ipod Nano and Ipad Cover

a few days after i posted the iPhone cover post, i received a comment asking me if i could do a post on iPod and iPad covers. So here it is:)

Ipod Nano Covers

so the first Ipod Nano Cover is one of my faves:) cuz it's Rilakkuma(yes,i'm obsessed)!! and i've seen this cover around a lot, so it's probably really popular;) i mean, come on, how can you resist this?? ^-^

Rilakkuma Ipod Nano Cover available here.

next up, we have this uber cute Chococat Ipod Nano Cover:) it's really really adorable yet simple, this'll make your Ipod Nano stand up among the crowd!

Chococat Ipod Nano Cover available here.

here is a really cute angel Ipod Nano cover:) they actually have this for Iphones too and i personally think this is really attractive:) and it's really cheap too!!

Angel Ipod Nano Cover available here.

i don't know why but there's just something really cute about this cover:) i don't know if it's just me but i really like it:) In fact, i <3 rainbows!!

Rainbow Tie Dye Ipod Cover available here.

polka dots red skin for iPod nano (4th gen) skin

Right now, polka dots are really trendy:) and i personally really love them! and i would love to have this Ipod Nano cover, totally awesome!!

Polka Dot Ipod Nano Cover available here.

Ipad Covers

Sanrio Hello Kitty Apple iPad Cover: Comic
Sanrio Hello Kitty Apple iPad Cover: Comic

this is so cute!! can't stand it!! urghhs! i wish i could get this Ipad cover haha it's just so adorable don't you think? ^-^ in <3 with it!!

Hello Kitty Ipad Cover available here.

more Rilakkuma!! ~yay~ this is seriously wayyy too cute:) love! just a little bit inconvenient because there's no stand but i think it's fine cuz the kawaii-ness makes up for it:)

Rilakkuma Ipad Cover available here.

what else says cute than Paul Frank? all their stuff are really kawaii;) and so so so adorable!! i don't know why but this case kinda reminds me of Captain America, because of the stripes:) adds on to the cuteness!!

Paul Frank Ipad Cover available here.

okay, that's all i got for today:) stay tuned okay? because i'll try to update my blog daily:) to all those who followed, thank you so much!!


  1. There are numerous ipod skins manufacturers that offer wide variety of skins which fits perfectly to your ipod and allow easy access to all functions which adding any bulk.

    Ipod nano covers

  2. hey Joan:) thanks for your comment, and thanks for sharing that link! i love that website too:) hope you enjoyed my post!

  3. Red is my favorite color, it symbolizes passion, and high quality, I will cover my ipod with the polka dots. They are really trendy:) and i too personally love them!

  4. Wow, that's great:D i'm glad i could give you some ideas on ipod nano covers, hope you found the post useful and i really love polka dots too!! i think red with white polka dots goes really well together XD

  5. Hey there, just wanted to say how awesome your blog is and your stuff is great xx