Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Maustudio sells the cutest pocket mirrors ever!! they also sell other stuff!!check it out!!

Pocket Mirror - Little Cow

these pocket mirrors are great for everything, and they're just way too cute!! ahh... this is definitely pocket mirror heaven!!

Cow Pocket Mirror available here.

Chihuhua Pocket Mirror - Chee-S the Chihuhua Puppy - Purple

great for those dog lovers:)

Chihuahua Pocket Mirror available here.

Ninja Mau Postcard and Stickers Set

SO CUTE!! I love sushi(i think i mentioned that a couple times bfore) , darn,i really wanna get this!!

Ninja Sushi Postcard and Sticker set available here.

Ball-Z the Puggy Pocket Mirror - Flower

another cute dog pocket mirror!! aww... look at its eyes!!

Pug Pocket Mirror available here.

Cute Little Giraffe Pocket Mirror
aww.. this baby giraffe is soo cute!! i realize little baby animals are normally really cute, till they grow up...

Baby Giraffe Pocket Mirror available here.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Magnets - K-Sea the Puppy from Ball-Z and Friends Series

DEAR FRIENDS, this is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, isn't it cute!!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Magnets available here.

4 Puggy Magnets - Play

and this, is the Pug. isn't he charming:)

Pug Magnets available here.

Chihuahua Magnets - Chee-S the Chihuahua Puppy

cute and stylish, i present u the Chihuahua:) aww... way too CUTE!!

Chihuahua Magnets available here.

Boss-T the Boston Terrier Puppy Magnets

at the last of the magnets, we have the Boston Terrier:)

Boston Terrier Magnets available here.

Ball-Z the Puggy Puppy  Glass Tile Necklace - Blue

aww... this totally changes everything. i used to think pugs were ugly and drooly, but now i think otherwise.

Pug Necklace available here.

is that enough to prove how cute this shop is? then head down to Maustudio today!


  1. Thank you for the post, glad you like our mirrors. We just redesigned the website, check it out!

  2. your welcome:)MAUstudio is really too cute! haha:) okay i'll be sure to check it out! thanks for the comment!