Saturday, November 6, 2010

Klutz Craft Stuff

wanna know where to get the Klutz book that taught me how to make those twirly paper things? well, their available at Klutz!!

Twirled Paper

this is the exact same book i have but now i've used up all the paper provided so i bought new ones at a local craft store:) i strongly recommend this to anyone who likes to do arts and craft(like myself).

available here.

over the years, i became the proud owner and fan of many Klutz books as i love crafting:) so now here are some other books i actually own too:)

this is really good for making cards or scrapbooks, they have stencils to trace and different fonts of stencils to choose from:) i used this to make the words in the fashion scrapbook scrapbook post.

available here.

Fashion Origami
this book is another one of my fav Klutz books i own, i actually have 2 of them cuz both my sis and my mother's friend gave it to me:) i made tons of it, it's great cuz it's both of my fav things(fashion and craft) combined together:) also , the good thing about getting this boook and the twirling paper book is that when the glue is used up, there's always an extra:)

available here.

The Body Crayon Book
last year, i got this one for my bday present:) it's so fun , a little ticklish , but i still like it:) its fun just scribbling on ur hands, knees , tummy and other parts of ur body:)

available here.

Good Growing
i also like gardening, so this book is also part of my Klutz book collection:) although it may not be my fav book, i still like it a lot:)

available here.

Friendship Bracelets
i made loads of these and put them on my ankle, the only way to remove them is to cut it but then u can't use it again ...... so i kept mine on for 1 and a half years:) their kinda hard to make but worth it :)

available here.

those are pretty much mostly all the Klutz books i own:)

also, here are some more books that look pretty fun and interesting:)

Nail Art

are u a fan of nail polish? then this book is definitely for u:) try out different designs on ur nails with help from this books:)

available here.

Glossy Bands
what is this, u ask. well, this book teaches u how to make glossy bands out of acrylic gel, looks promising and worth the money, u can sell these u know!!

available here.

Hair Wraps
i used to do these so called "hair wraps" all the time when travelling, but i have to take it out in school cuz they dun allow those, totally sucks:( but it would be great if u could make these on ur own, ohh... now i totally wanna get it!!

available here.

Klutz sells great stuff , i'm a great fan!!

all stuff available from Klutz.

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