Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Handmade things by me!!

A long time ago, me and my sis made these cute critters by twirling paper with help from a Klutz Twirling Paper book we bought:) after that i kinda lost those critters we made, but when i we clearing some stuff, i found them!! and i began twirling paper again.

now here's me and my sister's twirling paper collection!!!

1.The Dragonfly

2.The Rainbow Flapper

3.The Colourful Cockroach

4.The Chubby and Swirly Butterflys

5.The Orange Octopus

6.The Twirly-Toed Critter

7. The Weird and Cute Ant

8.The Colourful Butterfly

9.The Flamingo

10.The Cute Ice Cream Cone

11.The Yummy Milkshake

12.The Strawberry, Apple and Grape

That's all in the collection for now, hope u enjoyed:)

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