Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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hi guys, sorry for not posting for so long, just finished exams, needed some time to de-stress...

Bear Sleep Mask
Pig Sleep Mask
Panda Sleep Mask
Kitty Cat Sleep Mask
and what better way to enjoy some peace then taking a nap? these sleeping masks are sure to give u a good rest:)

Bear sleeping mask available here.

Pig sleeping mask available here.

Panda sleeping mask available here.

Cat sleeping mask available here.

Strawberry Cake Ring
and of course sitting on the couch and eating sweet treats are a great way to de-stress too!! or maybe u can also wear those sweet treats:)

Strawberry Cake Ring available here.

Strawberry Cheesecake Earrings
yummy!! cakes on ur ears, cute!!

Strawberry Cheesecake earrings available here.

Cupcake Cell Phone/Camera Case
Cupcake Cell Phone/Camera Case
or sometimes i just like to sit and play games on my iphone and u can pretty up ur iphone with this kawaii iphone cover:)

Cupcake Iphone/Cell Phone cover available here.

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake Earrings
Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake Earrings

still on sweet treats, these kawaii heart shaped chocolate cake earrings are super tempting.... ohm nom nom!!

Heart Shaped Chocolate Earrings available here.

Days With You Around - Kawaii 3D Card
Days Without You - I Miss You  - Kawaii 3D Card

Days with u around are great and fun, days without u around are sad and empty... give these cards to the ones u care about and love, show ur appreciation:)

Days With You Around card available here.
Days Without You Around card available here.

Thank You Card - 3D Kawaii Cupcake
Thank You Card - 3D Kawaii Cupcake

did ur friend or someone dear to u do something great for u ? then what better way to say thank you to them than with a thank you card?

Thank You card available here.

Cookies and Milk Best Friends 3D Card

do u have a BFF? wanna show how much u appreciate them and care about them? then get this best friends forever card today, and just like cookie and milk, u guys will stay best friends forever:)

Best Friends Forever card available here.

You're So Sweet Kawaii 3D Card
another way to show ur love is with this card, it's kawaii and a great way to show how much u cherish ur friends and how much u appreciate those people who have helped u and made u a better person:)

Your So Sweet card available here.

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