Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nintendo Cuteness- Mario Characters(part 2)

hi guys, i'm back with Nintendo Cuteness-Mario Characters-part 2 :)

check it out!!

Invincibility Star

now u can wear them on ur ears!! not sure if they'll make ur ears invincible too though...

Invincibility Star Earrings available here.

Mario Kart Wii Mini Plush Set - Banana, Star, Green Shell

in this set, u not only see the Invincibility star,but u also see the Banana Peel and Turtle Shell:) and the good news is, ur gonna get all of them at the most affordable price:)

Set of 3 Invincibility Star,Banana Peel and Turtle Shell Plush Key chains available here.

what is this? it's both a Mushroom and Star necklace? Why? well, that's cuz it's a double - sided necklace. it's both a 1 Up Green Mushroom and a Invincibility Star:) use 1 stone to kill to birds, it's a win win situation:)

Double Sided 1 Up Green Mushroom and Invincibility Star Necklace available here.

Golden Mushroom

Mario Kart Wii Vol. 2 Plush - Golden Mushroom

its actually a pretty small mushroom, it fits perfectly in ur palm... not the best for hugging , but good for squeezing(like a stress ball).

Golden Mushroom Small Plush available here.

Nintendo Super Mario Kart Wii Golden Mushroom Keychain

now it's the golden mushroom in keychain form:) sometimes certain things look better in keychain / non plush form. this is one of them. it's so cute:)

Golden Mushroom Key Chain available here.


Nintendo: Super Mario Bros. - Toad Plush

OMG!! it's Toad :)he looks so innocent and cute. he's one of the characters i always chose when playing Mario Kart just cuz he's so cute:)

Toad Plush available here.

Super Mario Bros. Nintendo DX Vinyl Figure Series 7 - 7 inch Toad

and now Toad in mini figure version:) i wonder why he's called Toad.. isn't he a mushroom??

Toad Figurine available here.

okay that wraps up the Nintendo Cuteness-Mario Characters post:)

see ya all later!!

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