Monday, January 3, 2011

Etsy Search- Sewing Rabbit

SewingRabbit is a cute shop full of sew-on buttons and zipper pouches:)

ohh, dear elephants, which cute world do u come from? BRING ME THERE!! take me where cute colourful elephant roam about, i'd like to take a pic of it:) but if i dun get to go there, at least i'll know there's always this cute pouch for me to buy:)
Cute Colourful Elephant Pouch available here.

i always found butterflies amazingly beautiful and cute,there's something breathtaking about them...

Cute Colourful Butterfly Pouch available here.

my BFF rescues stray cats, she's a good person:) but u know, cats are just so irresistible and cute by nature:) i mean look at puss in boots(Shrek), his cute stare with the big eyes, one word:awww

Cute Colourful Cat Pouch available here.

i think real life pigs are gross but kawaii cartoon ones, they just make u smile:)

Cute 3 Pigs and A Wolf Buttons available here.

i saw a hedgehog at the Taipei Zoo , it looked nothing like the one on the buttons above, it looked really filthy, but it was still quite interesting.. but if i were to choose, i would pick the buttons, how bout u ?

Cute Hedgehog Buttons available here.

this reminds me of the show"The Ugly Duckling", it's so sad yet beautiful and inspiring:) it proves that sometimes being the odd one out isn't all that bad:)

Cute Duckling Buttons available here.

more cute hedgehogs:) so bright and colourful*walks towards the light* haha

Cute Colourful Hedgehog Buttons available here.

last but not least, we've got some cute animals:) Mr Squirrel,Mr Teddy,Mr Piggy,Mrs Hedgehog and Little Miss Birdie:)

Cute Birdie and Friends Buttons available here.

all items shown here are available at Sewing Rabbit:)

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