Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cute Kawaii Sharpeners:)

Just the other day when i went for tuition, my tuition teacher gave me a cute apple sharpener as a gift:) and u can get it online too:)

Kamio Pencil Sharpener: Apple

this apple sharpener comes in 2 different colours,Pink and Green. the pink one has a rabbit's face on it and the green on has a cat's face on it.personally, i like the red colour one more, but cuz everyone likes it so much too... it was sold there are only pink and green left.mycurrent one is actually pink too. ohh how i love this sharpener ,it's so practical and so cute:)

available at Artbox.

Kamio Penguin Double...

these penguin sharpeners are made by the same company that made the apple sharpeners,Kamio. these are equally cute and come in 3 different colours. my fav is the blue coloured one,what about u?

available at ShopKawaii.

recently, i saw some baby hedgehog pics on the web. they are so cute!! i didn't really like hedgehogs until now. now i have more respect for them and their cuteness:) this hedgehog pencil sharpener is available in 3 colours,Brown,Orange and Green.

available at ShopKawaii.

Streamline Nature Buddies Pencil Sharpeners

so cute!! i want them all !! but my fav is the panda:) i looked everywhere on the web for this. when i first saw it i click the link to buy it but it lead me to Modcloth and the animal sharpeners there were already sold out.i was so happy when i was able to find an alternate link :)

its a little cow sharpener family!!the mama cow one has to be cranked but the baby cow is like a regular little sharpener:)

available at DealtoWorld.

okay , that's the ends of the cute sharpener post!! hope u enjoyed!!

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