Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nintendo Cuteness- Mario Characters(part 1)

normally when we hear the name "Nintendo" we think of DS and Wii. but did u know that most of the Nintendo characters are actually really cute? especially the ones on Mario!! love that game!!

so now here are some cute Mario characters merchandise to kick off this Nintendo Cuteness post:)


Nintendo Super  Mario Yoshi Pop  Girls  T-Shirt :  Size-M

check out this cute tee!! aww...yoshi looks so happy!!

size M available here.

size L available here.

size XL available here.

more Yoshi here.

Yoshi Island Plush - Black YoshiYoshi Island Plush - Blue Yoshi
Yoshi Island Plush - Grey and White YoshiYoshi Island Plush - Yellow Yoshi

OMG!! its multi-coloured Yoshi's!!! so cute!! unfortunately, there are actually more different coloured Yoshi's but they are out of stock...

Black Yoshi available here.

Blue Yoshi available here

Grey Yoshi available here.

Yellow Yoshi available here.

more Yoshi here.

aww !! it's baby Mario and baby Yoshi!! Mario's still wearing diapers!! aww... i love the baby Mario!!!

Baby Mario and Yoshi Sticker Vinyls available here.

such a cutie, isn't he? that is seriously one cute dino!!

Yoshi Necklace available here.

1 up Mushrooms

i love those power up mushrooms, not just cuz they're cute but because they really help me a lot in the actual game, i LOVE power ups!! they're lifesavers!!

Red 1 Up Mushroom Keychain available here.

Green 1 Up Mushroom Keychain available here.

Nintendo: Super Mario Bros. - Green 1up Mushroom Plush

I like plushies so much!! they're so soft !! and squishable!! and huggable!!!

Green 1Up Mushrooms available here.

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Blue Mushroom 10-inch Plush

i love it how different coloured mushrooms represent different things/bonuses:) I LOVE MULTI-COLOURED THINGS!! like the rainbow, so pretty!!

Blue 1 Up Mushroom available here.

Picture of Mushroom - Plush

I realize most of the colours of mushrooms are in primary colours:)

Red 1 Up Mushroom available here.

MARIO BROS.: 1up Green Mushroom Plush Lanyard

ohh it's a green mushroom lanyard!! and its in plush form!! cuddles!!

Green 1 Up Mushroom available here.

okay, that wraps up part 1 of the Nintendo Cuteness-Mario Characters post:) hope to see u soon!!

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