Saturday, January 29, 2011


it's a crime that i haven't posted about Momiji yet. u won't believe how cute they are:) they are mostly message dolls but they are also available as stickers,wallets, cards etc. they ship to different countries, the link is for USA but u can always change the country,on the top left hand corner of the screen:)


her name's Phoebe,a sweet little girl, does she like frogs? or does she just like the colour green? she's a girl, that loves a good sci-fi story, especially one about aliens:)

Phoebe Doll available here.

This cutie's name is Luca. she loves music(just like me) and loves jammin to different beats:)

Luca Doll available here.

this sweet purple doll is called Silly Billy, kinda weird haha. but i like her, she's dressed in my fav colour - Purple:) and she just looks so innocent.. awww.she loves pumpkins and penguins:)

Silly Billy Doll available here.

lastly for the dolls is this sweetie pie:) her name is Pixie but there's another doll that looks nothing like her called Pixie too. maybe they ran out of creative names? haha but the best thing about Pixie is that she the cupcake pixie !! in charge of all things cupcake!! cute!!

Pixie Doll available here.

More Momiji Dolls here.

Zakka(Stationery and Crafty Stuff)

this mouse mat makes a super cute gift for anyone:) with heart shaped lips and cute eyes, this girl is irresistible!! also, if ur using this for the office, this will definitely jazz up any boring old office:)

Cute Momiji Mousepad available here.

Momiji Stickers

such cute stickers!! personally, i dun really use /collect stickers so this would be pretty useless to me. but for those sticker lovers or collectors, be sure to check this cute range of stickers Momiji has to offer!!

Momiji Sticker Set 1 available here.

Momiji Sticker Set 2 available here.

super colourful!! that's why this cutie is called Party Girl, cuz she's dressed to PARTY!! haha but she's really cute and eye-catching dun ya think?
Momiji Enamel Key Ring Party Girl available here.

these are super cute cupcake cases which come with cute flags to poke into them, just to jazz them up:) great for parties or any fun occasion!!

Cute Momiji Cupcake Cases available here.

Momiji Zakka Greeting Card - Itchy Feet Sonny

Momiji Zakka Greeting Card - Itchy Feet Luca

such kawaii greeting cards:) Sonny and Luca are some cute dolls(Luca is featured in the doll section above) from the itchy feet collection in Momiji:)

Momiji Sonny Greeting Card available here.

Momiji Luca Greeting Card available here.

momiji cosplay zakka polo notebook

momiji cosplay zakka donut notebook

momiji cosplay zakka ruby notebook

ahh such cute notebooks!! designed by Joanna Zhou, these 3 lovely notebooks are unique , quirky and cute:) Momiji never disappoints:)

Blue Notebook available here.

Yellow Notebook available here.

Black Notebook available here.

okay, that's all the Momiji i've got for now:)

besides buying from the Momiji website itself,u can also go to Chicki.

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