Saturday, October 23, 2010

Etsy Search-twistyfishies

Twisty Fishies sells the cutest plushies:) check them out!!

Little Pink Ghost - Fleece Plush
as Halloween is nearing, this pink ghost plushie is perfect to decorate ur house:)

available here.

Blue Elephant - Felt Plush
if ur a fan of elephants(like my sis) , then your sure to love this adorable plushie:)

available here.

Kawaii Baby Monster Plushies - Pink and Orange
Kawaii Baby Monster Plushies - Blue and Green
these cute ghost plushies come in pairs , they're inseparable and great as a friendship gift:)
one of u guys could take the plushie that reminds u of ur bestie and ur bestie could take the one that reminds ur bestie of u:) that way, u guys will never be too far apart, if u miss ur bff, just look at the ghost plush:)

Pink and Orange available here.
Green and Blue available here.

Pink Baby Lion - Felt Plush

lions aren't supposed to be pink!!and they aren't supposed to be this cute,simply kawaii!! i love it!!

available here.

Little Orange Tiger - Kawaii Felt Plush
what's the closest thing to a lion? a tiger. so cute!!

available here.

Little Kawaii Green Bunny Plush
green bunnies aren't really my thing but this one is way too cute to resist!!

available here.

lastly, a purple monkey!! what a crazy world!! cute and kawaii!!

available here.


  1. omg it is so coool and CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  2. awesome blog! too cute to be true!