Friday, October 8, 2010

Cool Halloween Tutorials :)

ever wanted to dress as Edward Scissorhands? in case ur wandering who that is, it's a character in one of Tim Burton's movies:) anyway, now u can dress as Edward Scissorhands!!

with makeup artist, Kandee Johnson's help, u can dress like Edward Scissorhands for Halloween:)

go to to watch her Edward Scissorhands tutorial.

you can also dress up as Jessica Rabbit with Kandee's help:)

and if u LOVE Manga, you'll surely love this tutorial of how to dress up as Nana (Manga Character) by Michelle Phan(best makeup artist ever!)

go to to watch the tutorial and turn urself into Nana or a punk rockstar)

you can also be a geisha for Halloween:) Michelle Phan shows u how to create a more modern geisha look:)

you can also be Cleopatra for Halloween:)

also , check out

have fun!!

ps. Michelle Phan(above) does not smoke, she just rolled up a piece of paper as a cigarette.

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