Friday, October 22, 2010

Spoonflower Kawaii Fabrics

have u been looking for a kawaii fabric to make ur bag, purses, plushies etc ?? well , look no further!! Spoonflower has everything u need to make those :)

yummy foods

see? Kawaii !!made by Berrysprite.

available here.

I Love the 80s!

the 80's rule ya!! the first guy i spotted was Michael Jackson , with the Thriller dance:)
Fabric by kukubee.

available here.

Sweets 2

Sweets always do the trick:) so yummy!!

available here.

this one is also a food theme , but more realistic:)

available here.

still on sweets, i never get tired of them:)

available here.

Cupcakes Galore
my fav, cupcakes!!

available here.

Sushi Lovers

if u remember a sushi purse i posted by kukubee a while back, well this is almost exactly the same, it doesn't have the words, but great for sushi lovers!! make ur own sushi pouch now:)

available here.

and lastly, a kawaii strawberry girl print:)

available here.

all from Spoonflower.

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  1. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this stuff is so cute!