Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fat Rabbit Farm

Fat Rabbit Farm is so cute!! who knew a fat rabbit could be this cute??

Panda Babee
i posted a tee that looked something like this before but it wasn't as cute as this one:)

available here.

Sweet Rain ToteBabee Tote
Fat Rabbit also sells cute tote bags like this one (green) and this one (white)

Green one available here. White one available here.

oh, be careful there, little rabbit!! don't drop the ice cream:) awww... CUTE!!

available here.

so sweet and yummy!! so tempting..... if Fat Rabbit eats this much candies everyday, then i'm pretty sure i know why he's so fat:)

available here.

it's a carrot rabbit!! so kawaii!!

available here.

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