Monday, October 18, 2010

Today's theme-Donuts

today, the theme is Donuts but they are not from etsy at all :) so check it out:

Kitsch Kawaii Donut Deco Food Chocolate Mirror Wholesale x2
Super cute unique tasty looking donut food mirror with chocolate icing and sprinkles!

available here.

Product: Exclusive Donut Print

isn't this donut print super cute? i love it :)

available here.

It's Donut Time! Wall Clock
What time is it? it's donut time!! this is so cute!! makes me drool...

available here.

Pink Donut Ring
this pink donut is super kawaii!!its unique circular shape is very eye catching:)

available here.

i know i've posted Tofu Cute but u can't ignore these cute animal donut plushies, can you?
by the way, the bear donut plush is out of stock, so only the rabbit and panda are available:(

available here.

these are all i could find, hope u enjoy:)

stay tuned for more cute updates at Shanalogic on the next post!!

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