Monday, October 25, 2010

Kawaii Polymer Charms

i was looking at youtube vids online and i saw this really cute video of a slide show of cute kawaii polymer charms. i got hooked instantly. if u like u can check out her channel here.

so now i present you her kawaii store!!

* i can't put the direct link to the item cuz of the format of her website but i'll give u the shop link at the end of the post:)

these kawaii peas in a pod are so cute, handmade and handpainted:)

coffee and donuts , a nice set:) u know there's this silly bee that keeps flying in my window to "pollinate" my fake plastic flowers:)

i love cacti:) and especially these cute kawaii one!!
yummy!! loooks so realistic and edible:)

another yummy treat:)

i'm sure guys have heard of Pacman right? if u haven't check this kawaii bracelet out!! and also check out the game:)

colour pencils and a artist palette , so kawaii!! all the colours of the rainbow and more!!

i dun really like Domokun but this one is so kawaii that i have to give in:)

last but not least, a cute ice cream sandwich:)

these are just some of the super kawaii stuff at her store.

click on this link to go to her store:!.html#grid

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