Friday, December 31, 2010

Back from Taipei!!

hi guys!! i'm back from Taipei!! well, i actually got back home at the late night on 30 December 2010... and now it's suddenly 2011!! i'll be posting loads more to celebrate the new year:) anyway, as i was saying, i'm back from Taipei and i'm happy to say that it was a pretty good trip:) i managed to find loads of cute stuff, and buy some too:) the 3 places i visited that have a lot of cuteness has to be Jiu Fen , the National Palace Museum in Taipei, and not the mention, Taipei 101:)

and i have pics to prove it:)

Jiu Fen is sorta like a mountain except there's stores everywhere... it's really cool:)

cute cat backscratchers:)

cute mini clog key chains:)

cute do-it-yourself kit that teaches u how to make plushies.. i regret not buying it...

cute angel key chains:)

cool wallet/pouches:)

i love these pencils, just had to get these 2 !!

more cute pouches:)

aww.. cute monkey pouches, and ELMO!! OMG my teachers daughter loves ELMO:)

check out that cute strawberry purse:) heck, their all so cute!

these pics were all taken in a candy store, would u believe it?

super cute magnets:)

loads of cute fruit and animal pouches there too:)

AND LOADS OF CATS!!! they're probably all stray:(

National Palace Museum

i bought most of my stuff from here. cuz their signature object is a craved jade cabbage so most of the merchandise are cabbage notebooks,key chains, plushies,etc.

super cute cabbage key chain, who knew cabbage could be this cute? cabbage has definitely been underestimated :)

miss cabbage and her 2 friends, grasshoppers:)

and a cute miss cabbage plush keychain.

and this key chain isn't cabbage themed but it's extremely cute, i'll be posting more on it tomorrow:)

super cute blue monkey toothpick holder, my mom actually collects toothpicks from restaurants!! haha. the toothpick holder actually comes with those reuseable plastic toothpicks!! also made from the same company as the green key chain (above)

so that's all i got from the National Palace Museum!!

Taipei 101

super cute plush version of Taipei 101:)

i also got all these 3 cute tees with Taipei 101. damper babies are the signature character for Taipei 101, dampers kinda hold the building together, so they're really important!!

and here are some pics i took in the gift store of a panda enclosure in the Taipei zoo :)

all the cuteness in one store in the panda exhibit:)

and a few more cute pics i took in the zoo.

cute lamp posts with giraffe spots and zebra stripes:)

super cute tiger tickets!!

and cute brochures!

and a statue of various kinds of poo:) its pretty cute:)

and more cute characters:)

if ur going to Taipei for the holiays, be sure to check out Jiu Fen,Taipei 101,National Palace Museum and Taipei Zoo:)

be sure to keep updated here at Ling's Blog!

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