Sunday, December 12, 2010


Jetoy sells the cutest cat themed stuff!!! they're so adorable!!the Jetoy website is in Korean and besides buying stuff at the website, u can also check out their stuff at Gmarket :)

Jetoy has loads of cute phone straps like this one but this one's my personal fav:)

available at the Jetoy website(i can't give u the direct link cuz of the way the website is formatted) and Gmarket.

and Jetoy also makes really cute canvas bags!! they're soo sweet!!

available at Jetoy and Gmarket.

this is such a cute pouch, u know i used to buy cute pouches like these without even thinking... an i didn't even use it, what a great waste of money:( so before u guys go awww and just click the add to cart button,think.think if ur gonna use it at all.

available at Gmarket (and Jetoy too of course)

look at this chubby kitty!!! aww.. it looks so innocent with it's eyes and everything:)

available at Gmarket(and Jetoy)

this doggy keychain is so adorable , makes me feel all good inside:)

available at Gmarket(and Jetoy)

in case ur wondering what on earth this is, well, it's a card holder, u can put all ur cards in it. this might be good for me cuz i keep misplacing all those important cards that give u 20% discount on whatever stuff u buy, so i seriously need one of these:)

available at Gmarket(and Jetoy)

this must be the cutest mousepad ever!! the normal plain ones are BORING, but this one is SO CUTE!!

available at Gmarket(and Jetoy)

all this kitty madness is crazily cute!! well, i think i'll end off the post here, see ya!!

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