Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cute Mario Styluses :)

yes, i have a DS.and u know what's been bugging me? my stylus that comes along with the DS sucks. i used to have one cute one but cuz i've been using it for so long, the friction made it all blunt:) now, i present to u, cute mario styluses!!!

these are the exact same ones i bought , i gave some away, now i'm left with the green and blue squid one,but the ghost came off and the stylus is super blunt now:(

available here and here.

New Super Mario Brothers BanPresto DS Stylus Set
these are all the power-ups u can get on the mario game, personally, i think these ones aren't as cute as the ones before :(

available here.

be sure to keep updated here at Ling's Blog, i hope my blog has helped all u people in need of a bit of cuteness to brighten up ur day:)

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