Tuesday, December 7, 2010


i bet you've all tried different kinds of noodles before rite? but this Noodoll ain't edible , it's a uber cute shop!! just look at their stuff toys!!

this isn't ur ordinary stuff toy, it's a pouch!! to store ur cards and iphone or i pod or mp3!! his name is Riceroar:)

available here (they also come in soft toy version here.)

Dino plush toy – Green

and this guy is cute too!! he's a dinosaur!! ROAR!! don;t let his sharp teeth scare u , he's actually a really gentle and kind guy. a little chubby too:)

available here. also available in Olive colour here.

Ricecream plush toy – Strawberry

so cute but non-edible!! Strawberry, a classic flavour!! yummy!! all things creamy and sweet , it's a treat for those with a sweet tooth!!

available here. also available in Vanilla flavour here.

Personalised print: RiceCream
yes, Vanilla ice cream also comes in print form, frankly i think it's cuter in print form:)

available here. also available in card form here.

Personalised message print: RiceRoar
it's Riceroar, with a super colourful and loud bow tie in print form too!! he's just so cute!!

available here. also available in card form here.

Gift tags

ok this really is way tooo cute to handle!! love it!! by the way,if u didn't know, they're gift tags!!

available here.

loads more cuteness at Noodoll.

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