Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Look At My Cute Stuff!!

yes, this is a new segment i'm starting called a look at my cute stuff!! basically, it's like i'll show u some of my stuff(mostly cute ones) , i'll try my best to find out where exactly u can get it from but no promises.

so let's start the first post of "A Look At My Cute Stuff"!!!

today , my mum gave me this pouch that i LOVE!! i love everything about it!!! the design, the colour , everything!!

unfortunately, i dun really know where u can buy it, but i do know where my mum got it from , a place in Thailand called Choa Chun Tang.

today when i got really wet so i had to change my tee, i was in a rush, most of my tees were in the wash so i hurriedly took this tee out from my sister's wardrobe and i was like" Jackpot!!" !!

i dun know if this tee is still available online cuz i can't find it anywhere but u can shop for more Harajuku Lovers stuff at Amazon and Karmaloop.

and lastly, i present u my current fav shoe, gladiator sandals:) i got it from one of the shoe stores which i normally go to buy my school shoes but i never expected that they would sell shoes these cute!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! not sure if its available on the store website...

but u can go check it out at Bata.

this is my current fav dress that i bought from GAP. i'm gonna wear it tomorrow, i love Gap, my fav store besides Zara:)

to browse for more cute clothes , go to GAP.

that's all for today!!

i'll probably post loads more of "A Look At My Cute Stuff"around 16-19 Dec, so keep updated here!!

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