Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm Taking Flight To Taipei on Xmas + Artbox:)

yes i'm leaving for Taipei on Xmas morning(which is tomorrow) !! I can't wait!! hopefully there are some cute stuff, i can bring back and share with ya'll but i really am so excited!! before i go, here are some pretty darn cute stuff from Artbox for u guys to check out!!

Artbox Scribble Dots Notebook

here's a super cute colourful polka dotted notebook:) i love all those bright colours, very mesmerizing...

available here.

Artbox Mini Notebook - Animals and Bears

aww.. so cute!! hearts everywhere.. LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!

available here.

Artbox Notebook - Girls in Dresses

this is so cute!! the pics not that clear but it's a really sweet notebook. girls dressed in different animal suits and animals ... whimsical and cute:)

available here.

Artbox Stick-it Notes - Animals Blue
omg!!they sell post-it's here too!! i love the blue bear one:)

available here.

Mindwave Sticky Note Set: Arctic Animals
u can use these as post-its,bookmarks etc. very convenient and cute:)

available here.

Artbox Water Bottle Pouch
omg!! this is what i've been looking for!! an ultra cute water bottle pouch:)

available here.

Artbox Compact Umbrella: Bears and Hearts
what an cute umbrella!! rabbits everywhere:)

available here.

Shinzi Katoh Water Bottle: Cute Elephant

my sis just saw this and she was like"I WANT THIS!!" HAHA . how mature.

available here.

okay , i gotta end the post here, have a big day tomorrow:) loads of new posts when i return:)

be sure to keep updated here at Ling's Blog!!

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