Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cute Totoro Bags:)

it's all Totoro on this post:) i managed to find some cute Totoro bags:) here they are!!

check out this cute Totoro pencil case/cosmetic bag!! it's so cute but i dun think that umbrella will fit Totoro though...

available at Cartoon Fans Club.

somehow this one just appeals to me , i really like it:) and even more, Totoro looks so cute there!!

also available at Cartoon Fans Club

OMG!!it's a Totoro bagpack!! it's smiling crazily!!

available at Ebay.

Totoro Clip Purse Grey
ohh check out this mini Totoro coin purse!! my mum loves to bring small coin purses to the market , she says it more convenient. but i really think she should change her coin purse to this Totoro one:)

available at Chicki.

and check out this Totoro wallet!! it's colour is so bright and attractive!!

available at Aliexpress.

My Neighbor Totoro Mini Wallet Bag with Shoulder Strap

and lastly, this is another cute Totoro bag, now with a strap to carry it around more conveniently:)

available at CuteSense.

okay, i'll have to end of now, see ya!!

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