Sunday, December 5, 2010

Today's theme-Christmas Ornaments/Cards(from etsy)

Christmas is coming soon but i'm leaving for Taipei then, so i'll gotta post all the Christmas stuff earlier:)

first up, from Berrysprite, the latest, gingerbread men ornaments!!
2 cookie ornaments

2 cookie ornaments

so cute!!! available here.

Felt Gingerbread Men Decoration Set

ginger bread men again(they're just so cute) , remember the one in Shrek haha. everyone was tryna eat him:)

available here.

Mistletoe Lovers Christmas Ornament Amigurumi
i'm not really sure what these are, but they sure are cute!!

available here.

these are a breed of dog called Shina Ibu. really cute!!

available here.

Green Ornament Gift Tags

Snowman Gift Tags - Set of 4

Christmas Tree Gift Tags - Set of 4

Penguin Gift Tags - Set of 4

what are these? they are gift tags!! great for cutening(not a real word) up ur friends present!!

Green Ornament Gift Tag available here.

Snowman Gift Tag available here.

Christmas Tree Gift Tag available here.

Penguin Gift Tag available here.

all gift tags from The Tiny Fig.

okay, i gotta go do my homework, see ya!!!

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