Friday, September 24, 2010


ever thought the words tofu and cute could be combined together to make a great website?? i never.

Tofucute sells the cutest range of things, varying from squishable doughnut phone charms to cute pens and erasers:)

Icing SquigglesPink SprinklesChoco Sprinkles

like these doughnut phone charms give u a variety of flavours to choose from. icing squiggles,pink sprinkles and choco sprinkles:)

get em' here.

StrawberryVanillaMint Choc ChipChocolate

and these ice cream phone charms are delicious!! comes in strawberry, vanilla , mint choco chip and chocolate:)

get these here.

Pink, White FlowerPink, Pink Flower
Blue, White FlowerBlue, Pink Flower
Orange, White FlowerOrange, Pink Flower

these are all the different varieties of this solar powered flower pot plant:) great for decoration in ur car or just at home:)

get em' here.

all from Tofu cute.

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