Sunday, September 5, 2010

Etsy Search-Tasty Peach Studios

what are the cutest things ever? all the things in Tasty Peach Studios!!

check it out:

Acrylic Shrimp Tempura Sushi Ring

a sushi ring? SO CUTE!! damn!! I WANT ONE!! haha

Onigiri Acrylic Cell Charm
Onigiri lovers beware! Extreme cuteness in
food form! This little guy is perfect for
any sushi loving otaku!

Acrylic White Wing Ring

with the help of this ring, u'll spread ur wings and learn how to fly easily:)

White Glomp Tee - Small
ain't this the cutest t-shirt u've ever seen?

Strawberry Cupcake Hairclips
who wouldn't want cupcakes in their hair?

Kawaii memos Cinamaroll stationarry and letter set

and guess want? they have Cinamaroll notepads too!! ahhh!! way too cute!!

Acrylic Chirii Ring
and last but not least, a bunny ring!!

all available at Tasty Peach Studios.

keep update here at Ling's Blog for more cool n' cute stuff and loads of music too!!

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