Sunday, September 19, 2010

Etsy Search-Paper Biscuit

Paper Biscuit sells loads of cute food themed jewelry and they also sell more sophisticated things if u feel the food themed jewelry are a bit too childish.
Orange Roll Cake Earrings
Strawberry Roll Cake Earrings
this orange roll cake earring is available here and the other one here.

Fruit Pie Earrings
available here.

Banana Tart Earrings
Strawberry Tart Earrings
Chocolate Tart Earrings
available here,here and here.

Strawberry Chocolate Earrings
available here.

Ice Cream Earrings
Ice Cream Earrings
Ice Cream Earrings
available here ,here and here.

Sugar Donut Earrings
available here.

Creamy Biscuit Earrings
available here.

Vanilla Ice Cream Earrings
now this is more sophisticated ice cream...

available here .
Donut Earrings
these donut earrings dun seem to be exactly the same.. one has less chocolate than the other.
available here.

more from Paper Biscuit here.

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