Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today's theme-Ice cream(from etsy)

Cute Ice Cream Cone Wood Tile Domed Resin Pendant BUY 2 GET 1 FREE (4437)
now this is post is about ice cream and this one is so cute!! how could i not include it here!!!

get this here.

GRAND OPENING SALE --- Pink and Blue Ice Cream Cone Charm Necklace
i have never seen an ice cream cone with ice cream this color before!!

available here.

Vanilla ice cream earrings
vanilla ice cream - a classic:)

get these here.

Ice Cream Scoop Necklace by Kawaii Culture
ice cream genius!! btw, this is my fav flavor of ice cream:)

available here.

Ice Cream Scoop Ring
strawberry ic cream is nice , but i like it when its not to sweet:)

get this here.

Cute Lolita Polk a Dots Resin Kawaii Ice Cream Cone Earrings Free Worldwide Shipping OOAK
ohm nom nom.... tasty!!

available here.

Happy Necklace
an ice cream girl, what could be cuter?? the things ppl come up with these days... brilliant:)

get her here.

that's all the ice cream i can take for today, see ya!!

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