Friday, September 24, 2010

Etsy Search-panduhmonium

panduhmonium stands true to its name by having a super duper panda filled shop!!

Little Girly Panda Ring
take this cute girl panda ring for example. its a panda u know, but it just doesn't have that round of a face:)

available here.

Little Nerdy Panda Ring
they have girly pandas and nerdy pandas too!! once again i stress the word PANDA cuz' this shop is full of em'.

available here.

Nerdy Panda Love Scrabble Tile Necklace
and here the cute nerdy little panda is a bit chubbier and now its a necklace;)

available here.

Oh Hai Thar Nerdy Panda Scrabble Tile Ring - Bronze (Adjustable)
oh hai thar!! this panda seems friendly:)

available here.

now some non-panda related things from this shop...

Yummy Pineapple Cell Phone Charm
this phone charm seems pretty sound asleep shhh... dun wake him up....
available here.

Yummy Toast Cufflinks
Like wearing your breakfast instead of eating it? Well now you can take your breakfast to work! Show everyone just how much you love toast with these cute cufflinks!

available here.

Happy Storm Cloud Necklace - Made to order
Who says you have to be gloomy during a storm? The Happy Storm Cloud necklace says just the opposite! Featuring a happy storm cloud with a dangling lightning bolt.

available here.

all from Panduhmonium.

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