Monday, September 6, 2010

More from Strapya World!!

in one of my posts, the Rilakkuma one , i posted some stuff from Strapya World and now here are more stuff from Strapya World!!

Sushi Disk USB Memory Cell Phone Strap 2GB (Ikura)Sushi Disk USB Memory Cell Phone Strap 2GB (Kappamaki)
ain't this the cutest thumb drive you ever saw? sushi! i would never think of that!!

available here.

ELECOM Playbrick Block Stereo Earphones (Blue)
Earphones are turning into a very essential part of your fashion these days, right? Instead of having those plain and boring earphones, why not use these fun, cute, and original earphones to enjoy your favorite music? Make sure you stay stylish with these Lego-like block style earphones!!

get it here.

yup, these are keychains, the squeezable kind.

go to : get the white colour one)

go to : get the brown colour one)

Star Wars Chop Saber Chopsticks (Darth Maul/Red)Star Wars Chop Saber Chopsticks (Darth Maul/Red)

Check out each of the grips as they are made exactly like the actual Light Sabers that the Jedi knights from Star Wars used in the movies! Whether your favorite Jedi is Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, or Yoda,
you can now eat your favorite food with these Star Wars Chop Sabers!

If you're from the dark side, use the Red. If you're justice, take the Blue.
If you're a kid, yeah ask Yoda how to become JEDI Knight!

available in red here, available in blue here ,available in green here and purple here.

Disney Mickey Mouse MP3 Shower Speaker Pomme (Pink)
Never Spend a Moment without Music!
In the shower, kitchen, even outside by the pool...Ever wanted to have some music but you were afraid your MP3 player or your speaker would get ruined by the water? Since these Pomme speakers are water proof, you can enjoy your favorite songs anywhere you go!

Pink color available here.
Green color available here.
White color available here.
Black color available here.

*Do not put it in the bottom of your pool or your bath tub!

Sweet Miniature Cupcake Cell Phone Strap (Strawberry Cream)
So Realistic, Makes you Crave for Real Cupcakes!!
These Cupcakes look so realistic and sweet!
Topped off with soft whipped cream on top,
they look so good!!

Enjoy your favorite cupcake
from CAFE DE N!

The cupcake itself is very soft.
And the cream part is very squishy!
The more you squish, the more fun it gets!
Get these cute and fun cupcakes today!

go to to see the different flavours now!!

OMG!! all this faux food is making me super hungy!! ahhhh!!!!
go to to see the delicious variety of tarts!!

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