Saturday, September 11, 2010

Etsy Search-she likes cute and kawaii universe

hi guys!! i'm back with more cuteness from etsy:)

first up, we have she likes cute !!!

Stinky poo buttons
my sis calls me stinky poo sometimes, i used to think that was an insult, till i saw these little stinky poo badges:) cuteness comes in different forms, always remember that:)

Pudding softie
although this pudding is inedible, it is still cuddleable:) i would love to have this lil' stuff toy by my side , to hug or cry on :)

Cupcake earrings
this pair of cupcake earrings have definitely left me speechless:)

Happy cookie keychain
who doesn't love choco chip cookies?super cute hand sewn felt softie stuffed with fiberfill. the cookie has a key ring so u can attach it to your keys, belt or bag.Yummy:)
Sweet Strawberry ring
a sweet strawberry with a star-shaped crown on his head.

more from she like cute here.

last but not least, kawaii universe!!!
Kawaii California Roll and Nigiri Medium Vinyl Sticker Cling
kawaii universe sells loads of vinyl stickers(stickers u can paste on ur laptop,wall ,everywhere!!)like these sushi ones:)

Kawaii Cherry Cupcake Vinyl Sticker Cling
Kawaii Strawberry Cupcake Vinyl Sticker Cling
Kawaii Blackberry  Cupcake Medium Vinyl Sticker Cling
these cupcake prints have a variety of flavours to choose from eg.BLUEBERRY,BLACKBERRY,PLUM,CHERRY,STRAWBERRY,KIWI,PINEAPPLE AND PAPAYA.

Kawaii Rainbow Shaved Ice  Vinyl Sticker Cling
ahh, its getting pretty hot out, i could use a ice cream cone as cute as this one right now!!

Kawaii Frozen Desserts Group Medium Vinyl Sticker Cling
i wouldn't want to eat these cuties, they are simply just too cute!!

Kawaii Eco Enviro Green - Medium Vinyl Sticker Cling Pack
going green never seemed so cute:) with the help of these eco-friendly vinyl stickers, going green is gonna be more fun!!

more from kawaii universe here.

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