Sunday, September 5, 2010


mini staplers
this must be the cutest stapler i've ever seen!! and Papersource has it!!

cupcake gifts
have u ever had problems figuring which key belongs to which keyhole? i have. but now with these key covers, u'll never get em' mixed up again!! Papersource sure knows how to fix a problem:)

cupcake lipgloss
believe it or not, these are lip gloss, LIP GLOSS!! super cute!!this set of 4 Yummy Cupcake Lip Glosses. Eash set contains a Chocolate Cream Puff, Strawberry Cream Cupcake, Strawberry Swirl Cupcake and Raspberry Topped Cupcake. Cupcakes measure approximately 3cm high and 3cm wide. Pop the lids to find delicious flavoured lip gloss inside. These look so cute and smell like they just came out of the oven!Papersource is definitely cute heaven!!

didn't i tell u, Papersource rocks!

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