Thursday, September 9, 2010

Etsy Search-My Zoetrope

My Zoetrope mainly consists of food items that have gone a bit crazy,but sometimes craziness can be cute too!! u never know:)

Birthday Cutie-Cake- Notecard

check out this cutie!!make a wish!!

Mini Cinnabon-PRINT
this cinnabon sure seems crazy and hungry! oh , better watch out, he's so cute that he might just eat ur pants!!

Mini Onion-PRINT
i never really liked onions but this one is an exception!! too cute for rejection:)

4x6 Recipe Cards-Pack of 20-Sweet and Savory Series
if u love cooking but keep forgetting the recipes , why not write them down on these recipe cards?

Secret Handshakes-PRINT-from the Friends Forever series
i share secret handshakes with my friends too, but we dun do it as cute as these guys do.

Foxy Love-5x7 PRINT
perfect for Valentines Day, for ur special someone, and who knew wolves could be so cute!

Baker Bear-5x5 Original Watercolor Painting
who knew bears could make cupcakes? apparently this bear can totally cook up a batch of cute cupcakes!!

Mister Orange-5x5 PRINT
this orange looks pretty lost. maybe we should help him.

Get Well Soon-NOTECARD

i would totally get well immediately if i was sick and someone gave me this card:)

all this cuteness found at myzoetrope.

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