Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fruit Plushies from etsy janiexy

Billy - Blueberry Plushie
Billy comes from a very large family. That's why he's the sweetest blueberry you'll ever meet, he's friendly, funny, and is a pretty handy little guy. If you're nice to him, he may even patch that hole in your wall you've been avoiding.

Nancy - Plushie Orange

Nancy is an orange stuck in the 80s. Some of her favorite songs are, well, anything Madonna (pre-built biceps) and Cindy Lauper.

Fernando - Plushie Pear
Fernando is a retired activist. You're probably wondering what causes he fought for, but that would be a hard answer to find because Fernando is the most passionate pear you'll ever meet. He once was so compelled by the argument over whether PB & Js should be made with more peanut butter or more jelly--he argued that they should be equal. No one agreed with him and the conflict continues. We never said he was a successful activist.

Fernando can be made with a bell inside--perfect for the little ones in your life.

all and more from Janiexy.

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