Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Little Garden:)

so i finally found the time to take some pics of my plants outside in the garden, it just rained , so the plants look pretty wet. and the garden's kinda messy now , so pls forgive me:)

My Cotton Plant
for those of u who were wondering what a cotton plant looks like, well, now u finally know .

and u see that little thing popping out from the plant, well thats the unripe fruit of the cotton plant.

and this is the almost ripe fruit of the cotton plant, so the outside of it turns brown and the cotton is noticeable:)

and here's the pic of the cotton plant's flower, it looks very transparent cuz it was raining otherwise it would be yellow.
and here's a pic of the bunch of cotton i harvested yesterday.
and i separated the seeds and put them into this little jar.

My Sweet Potato Plant
look at the amount of space my sweet potato plant actually takes up!! right now it doesn't have any fruits yet but last year when i harvested the sweet potatoes, they were so big!!

My Little Eggplant Plant
these eggplant plants are pretty small right now but they taste delicious!!

My Sesame Seed Plants
some people ask me what sesame seeds' fruit looks like when they're ripe , right now there are no fruits but i'll show u pics when there are:)

My Lemon grass plant
this is probably the only i have in my garden right now:)

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