Saturday, September 4, 2010

Etsy Search-kukubee

kukubee is a Etsy shop that sells kawaii pouches/pencil cases!!

like these ones :
Sushi Lovers Zipper Pouch
Sushi Lovers Zipper Pouch
Sake, Tamago, Ebi... oh my!
What's your favorite type of sushi? :)

Zombie Panda Zipper Pouch
raaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! this mini pencil case is perfect for boys and maybe even girls!! but just a warning, u might get nightmares at night:)

Tree Party Zipper Pouch
and a cute pouch with a tree party design on it :)

Which Panda are YOU Zipper Pouch
Which Panda are YOU Zipper Pouch
another scary panda one... but it is pretty intriguing , which panda r u?

Gojira Zipper Pouch
and last but not least,a super kawaii pouch of little cuties running away from Gojira!!

hehe, get em' all here.

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