Friday, September 10, 2010


yup, i'm still on bento but they are pretty cute:) and check out this cool website called Bento&co.

and now here are some cute and cool bento stuff from Bento&co.

Furikake Piyo Piyo 2.00 EUR
now this cutie is actaully a container that holds dry condiments such as pepper, sesame seeds or herbs. The beak of the little chick is the spout; twist the lid/head to expose the opening, and tap the container lightly to sprinkle. Twist the lid/head again to close. In Japan it's usually used to contain furikake, a yummy savory dry condiment that's a great sprinkle for plain rice.

available here.

Hachi Oshibori 4.80 EUR
this little bumblebee is actually a container for carrying a small, moistened towel to wipe your hands clean before and after eating lunch. this is definitely the cutest way to make sure you keep ur hands clean:)

get it here.

Animal Sausage are two special tools that help you put some serious "kawaii" (cute!) into your bento box!

You have a choice between the octopus (tako) sausage mold/cutter, and the penguin sausagemold/cutter. You only need half of a small sausage for each.

Instructions for use:

-For the penguin-sausage, insert the piece of sausage in the mold/cutter and close tightly. Drop into a pot of boiling water for a few seconds to make the 'wings' spread out a bit. -For the octopus-sausage, slide the piece of sausage into the mold/cutter to form 6 little tentacles. Stop when the desired height is reached. Drop into a pot of boiling water for a few seconds to curl up the tentacles.

Tip: Put the Animal Sausage tools in the freezer a few minutes before use. They will be easier to handle.

available here.

Bagel Lunch Box 7.50 EUR

The Bagel Lunch Box is a great example of a box designed for a specific purpose - carrying bagels!

The Bagel Lunch Box is available in 3 colors: Brown ( on sales! 7.50 Euros), Ivory and Pink. Please choose your favorite from the pulldown menu when ordering.

The Bagel Lunch Box is a practical, compact box with two compartments. One is designed for carrying a bagel or a large round roll, such as a kaiser roll or hamburger bun, while the smaller compartment, which has a leakproof lid of its own, can hold a small side salad or fruit. You could also carry your bagel, roll or even a mini-pita or two separately from the fillings, and put them together at lunchtime.

The outer lid clips on securely, and can double as a soup or salad bowl at lunchtime.

available here.

Ketchup Mayo San 3.20 EUR

Ketchup Mayo San is a set of two very cute sauce bottles, for ketchup, mayonnaise or other sauces. One of the bottles has an egg-face as the lid, and the other has a tomato-face. There is also a third lid with a narrow nozzle - use this to squirt your ketchup or sauce in a squiggly patterns on your food!

The Ketchup Mayo San bottles are 7cm (2.76") in height.
Tip: Get ketchup and mayonnaise in squeeze bottles to fill these with ease. For other sauces that don't come in squeeze bottles, use a funnel.

get it here.

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