Tuesday, September 14, 2010

from Zazzle:sugaroverkill

in another post before this one, i posted something from Zazzle.com and i found another cute shop from Zazzle.com:) its called sugar over kill.

Kawaii Ice Cream mousepads

this mouse pad has to be the cutest one i've ever seen !! these scoops of ice cream don't seem to know their fate-to be eaten.....

available here.

Ijimekko the Panda - Sugar Skulls keychains
this might be an evil looking panda but i think its still somewhat cute in its own way.....

available here.

Kawaii Flan mugs
i would love to see this face every time i drink water:) it'll be like staring at u , super cute u know!!!!! :D

available here.

Miss Vanilla Kawaii Cupcake t-shirts

there's nothing as cute as a cupcake t-shirt:) and guess what? it comes in different styles too!! long sleeve, short sleeve:)

available here.

loads more from sugar over kill here.

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